Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Black Day!!

Do you have those days when you just need your mom?? Ok--I have them more often than most--but today has been positively the blackest day in a very long time! Scary Black--and I hate that! Everything is good--everything is fine--everything is perfect--except me! It's as though all of the joy in me somehow got flushed out my toes!! I've been sitting here thinking about finding a new doctor to get onto new anti-depressants because these ones are obviously failing miserably--and then I realized...I haven't talked to my mom in 4 days! Now--that isn't a long time to some--but what is different with me--my spirit seems to be intertwined with hers--and when I don't get that interaction in awhile--the spirit seems to wither and die!! Pretty strange I guess--but that's just me! Honestly--we could win the Lotto--and I'm not sure there would be too much jumping around and whooping and hollering! Yep--I told you it was dark! I think I'm heading to bed and hoping that her cruise ship is in dock tomorrow so she can call me!!