Thursday, April 19, 2007


Do you want to hear something crazy? I think one of my legs is shorter than the other! Oh that would explain so much!! Not really like it grew that way--my mom has had to go to a chiropractor quite often to get her "axis" put back in. When it is out--one leg is shorter than the other! I'm wondering if I should get in with said chiropractor and find out what is up.

What makes me think this? Well, I kind of 'galump' when I walk--and there is a bit of pain in my left hip joint. I really don't know if this is what it is--maybe I just slept wrong--but it would explain alot. I do not enjoy walking--I get back pain if I walk too long. I shouldn't say I don't like to walk--I want to buy a treadmill-I love to walk--but I'm in pain when I walk. My mom will take a walk to remove the pain in her back--so me thinks something is up! I will have to let you know!!


grace said...

This is true! In my case, when my axis (pelvis) is not in the "right" place, one of my legs are shorter by a few cms than the other. Long-sitting hours, carrying my daughter causes it. This is common for women after given birth (single woman hardly have this case). I go to my physio regularly because an unbalanced pelvis is causing lower backaches.