Sunday, April 29, 2007

Jazz Tied, Bulls Set To Sweep!!

I've missed a day! MJ just asked about the Jazz/Rockets series. I remembered that they played last night-so we got on to check to see if the Jazz had been able to hold on to the lead. They had, and I announced to MJ that the series was now 2/1, but wait--last night was game 4 not game 3...and the series was tied 2/2. When did the Jazz win game 3? I really have just missed a day. That is never a good sign-but I will either blame it on being the same night as the Bulls game 3 (which they took as well, and are leading their series, 3/0!!!), or on getting the new computer up and running. Either way---Go Jazz! Of course, I never thought I would say that. Even living in Utah, I was not a Jazz fan. We only went to Jazz games when they were playing the Suns, and I was a Sun Fan-mmmmm, Tom Chambers!!! When we moved to Phoenix-I would finally be able to cheer "with the crowd" and we never went to a Suns game!!

The Bulls game 4 starts in 53 minutes according to my little Bulls fan-so we will be cheering for them to "Sweep The Heat"!! If they win--I will be jumping online to try to get my kids tickets for the next series. They are playing the Pistons--and they don't play well against the Pistons-so we will have to hold off on the "Finals" tickets just yet!


Court said...

Come on Jazz! We Utahs need something good to happen for once sportswise. We're so picked on. :)