Friday, April 27, 2007

Just Look What My Job Paid For!!

This is my new purchase today! I can't believe I bought the whole thing!! I was going to go for a laptop--but honestly-we've never had a new computer-so I thought--What the heck!! It took a little bit of time this morning to get set up--but by the time the kids got home from school--she was purring like a kitten! I am going to have to get used to the keyboard though. I used to do data entry from home when we lived in Arizona--and you had to go in to the company office to take a typing test before you could be hired and trained in order to work at home. I took the practice tests at home and I passed them all with amazingly good times and 100% accuracy. So I went into the office to take the official test. I passed the Alpha-Numeric test on the first shot-but didn't pass the 10 Key. This was strange to me, because I'm a flipping legend on the 10 key. Since I had passed one of the tests I could come back in two days to take it again. So I went home, and aced every test with incredible numbers. Went back to the company to take the test--and failed the 10 Key AGAIN! I was talking to the lady administering the test afterwards and mentioned that I just didn't get it--I was rockin' at home. So she told me to bring in my keyboard two days later and test on it. So I did, and I rocked! So I do understand the intricacies of having the keyboard that my fingers are used too--and so far today-this keyboard isn't it. But it is a cool keyboard--so I will get used to it!


Cade said...

Good to hear about the new gift. I have never felt bad spending a single dollar on a computer. I know that it is my money making center and probably will always be.