Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My Birthday!!

This picture was taken 36 years ago today! And I just have to say--it is one of the cutest hospital pictures I've ever seen! I must admit--I was a cutie! Out of four kids--I got one that looked just like me! His hospital picture is absolutely beautiful as well--So I guess it's just the genes!

36 Years is a strange year to turn! I remember when my mom was 36-and it wasn't that long ago! 18 years ago--I turned 18--and 20 years ago, I had my first date.

My earliest memory is my 4th birthday!
All my life I thought I had a memory of my third birthday party-I remember a balloon was put in my parents room to wait for my older brother to get home from school. So with the proper math--it would have had to be my 4th birthday. I remember the party itself as well. We sat in a circle to open presents and my next door neighbor Kirk,gave me a book in the shape of a house. I have another memory around that same time. There was an earthquake in the night, and I remember that. I remember the jammies I was wearing, and according to a Christmas morning picture where I'm wearing the same jammies--I would have been 4 for that too. I don't have too many memories. I do remember my Aunt Peggy's dog Buttercup. She was a Deer Chihuahua with a little tiny head. I remember sitting on the floor with her and her little round top of her head fit in the palm of my hand perfectly. Now that is a tiny dog! I also remember sleeping over at Peggy's and she made grits or mush in the morning and they were AWFUL--so I went outside of her house and hid behind a short little fence between her house and her neighbors!

When I was 4 we moved to Bountiful and in with my grandma. We moved in on Valentine's Day and I remember being downstairs putting paneling up in what would be our bedroom. The doorbell rang and there were two Valentine's on the front porch. One for my big brother, and one for my little brother. Heartbreaking as it was at the time--the neighbor didn't know there was a little girl in the house, I think it was remedied later--but I don't remember that part!

We lived with my Grandma Code for just over 5 years, until my mom met and married my sweet daddy! I have to call him that--mainly because it is so fitting. We moved to Salt Lake, then to Sandy, and then after our house was finished we moved to Farmington, Utah where I lived until I got married! I went to Davis High School, and that picture right next to me--was my first date, my first school dance, and my 16th birthday! 20 years ago tonight--I was on my first date--oh, the memories of that night! Actually--I'm still kicking myself for so many dumb things that you do on your first date! My date was a Senior--and I'm sure it wasn't the most fun final dance of his High School career!

Here is my Senior picture. You know--ever since it was taken--I never thought it was really cute of me! You know how you look at pictures or video's of yourself and you just don't see that you are so cute! That's me, in all of my pictures! Well, 18 years later I can say--I was really cute!! I never wore make up--nope, there isn't any in the picture at all! I never wore jewelry-it was the diamond anniversary of my high school the year I graduated, so all of the girls had to wear a necklace with a "D" with a diamond on it! My ears aren't pierced--I was definitely a very GOOD girl! Man, I miss those days! I graduated with the Class of 1989, and then started college at Weber State University.

Ah--this last picture! This was taken the summer before I met my husband. We met and started dating in November, and I'm in shorts--so it's definitely summer in the photo! I'm 24 in this picture. A lot more grown up than the one above it. I had lived in Japan for 18 months, I had moved to Provo, Utah to go to school, and I had been engaged. But honestly, if you want to see what I looked like the first time my husband ever saw me--this would be it! Man--he married a "hottie". Then that hottie had kids and had her body totally messed up! I'm thinking I need to get back down to my wedding weight--so my hubby can have a little bit of his wife back!!

All in all it's been a great 36years. Somethings I would definitely change if I could go back and change it--somethings I wouldn't change for the world. The one thing I know--this first 36 years went really fast--and in that same amount of time I will be 72 years old! I wonder what I will look back on between now and then and wish I had done differently! hmmmmmm, I wish I knew!!


Nellie said...

enjoyed looking back thru the years.

Did you ever try the stewed down squash w/onion?

Anonymous said...

Did I just read you lived in Bountiful?? Like as in Creston BC Canada?

I grew up in Creston - born and raised - lived there for 18 years. I lived in the Canyon area - right near Bountiful, and worked at the Canyon store when I was in highschool.

SMALL world hey?