Friday, May 22, 2009

Vista Rant!!

I'm having all sorts of problems with my new computer today! I'm not very happy about it! You spend a ton of money that you've skrimped and saved to buy a new computer. All that is offered out there are computers with the most AWFUL Vista as it's operating system--so bugs and all--you take it home! I've been using the new computer for about a week, and finally--there is a birthday post that I want to make today--and I need to use the scanner than came with the computer. NOTHING BUT PROBLEMS!! Why?? Because the scanner software isn't compatible with Vista. In order to download the patch you have to follow the directions on the screen--fine--but by the time it's finished it's uninstall and restarted the system-I can't get back to the screen! So now I have to install it wrong-again--get the screen--copy it down ('cause I can't print) and then uninstall it only to install the patch and reinstall it!!

Sounds like fun doesn't it? I HATE VISTA!!!