Monday, July 23, 2007

I'm Finished!!

I told you I was going to be gone for two days! I was finishing my new Harry Potter book. I purchased it on Saturday--and a mere 36 hours later--I said my final goodbyes to the "Boy Who Lived". I had originally planned to read one chapter a day--you know, extend the process--but honestly--is there a "Potter-head" among us who can truly read just one chapter??

I found the book to be slightly predictable at times, gripping, exciting and all around a great read. I however, did not like the very last "chapter" (epilogue)--lame, lame, lame!! Not to worry--there will be no spoilers in this post--but lame all the same!

I would like to point out that ALL of my predictions about the final book were true! Vindication, 7th Horcrux, the Victor--and I must say--I got all of my Dead People wrong!! I think Jo mentioned that only 2 main characters die--HA!! Not according to my count! I guess her definition of "Main" is slightly different than mine!

All in all--I'm going to miss the Boy Wizard and honestly--just looking forward to a good book to read.


capchasolve said...

so jealous. i need to get on reading that!

Elizabeth said...

I'm only a few chapters from the end! All of those middle chapters, the ones with Harry and Hermione? I'm not giving anything away here, but don't you think there could have been half as many of those chapters?

Also, I agree, only two "main" characters? The people who died during The Battle for Hogwarts (it's the title of a chapter, again, not giving anything away her), most of them were main characters!

Ami-chan said...

When you say that you don't like the last chapter, do you mean the epilogue, or the last chapter?
I felt the epilogue was flat, lacking something...but the book itself was okay. Certain parts were kind of laggy.

Alan said...

(I'll try to avoid spoilers however if you are mid-reading of the 7th book you might aught to not read this comment)

I agree that the epilogue was lacking in detail, however i do like what we found out in it. (Luckily she'll reveal more in an encyclopedia type thing)

My favorite chapters were 33 and 34.
34 was probably my favorite chapter of the whole series. I think it was the way that i read it, but it just seemed so real, and it really kind of reminded me that I take things for granted a lot.