Monday, July 16, 2007

Movin' On Up!!

My second day of voters find me in third place! That is so amazing to me! With all the comments I get about getting votes--I'm curious about just how many votes the first and second one have! But I shall persevere! Here are my new voters--head on over to their blogs and check them out!!

Up first is my friend Julie! She lives in the Chicagoland area part of the year, and Japan during the school year portion of the year. One of her blogs is The Chronic Consumer. It's a great site that helps spread the word on neat products and finds--that I would never come across myself! There is a "House" t-shirt on her site that says "Everybody Lies"--I have to tell you---I WANT IT SOOOOOOOO BAD!! If you've been keeping up with the drama on my other "Genki" blog--you'll know just who I want to give this shirt too!! There are a ton of other blogs that she writes--I will add them in over on the sidebar under 'Friends Links'!

You know how you have those bloggers that you are just drawn too--whether it's similar things going on in their life that parallel your own or just a kinship of sorts. To me, that has always been Lisa. She is a fellow Chicagoan with a little girl the same age as my little girl--and a brand new baby boy. I think we got to follow her entire pregnancy online-how fun is that! She has a new site chock full of great product reviews--it's over at Lisa Reviews. Busy Lady!

Elizabeth is a bloggin' machine! She is one of my newer finds--but I enjoy all of her blogs on a daily basis! Mom Cooks, Table 4 Five, Mom Reviews and
Getting My Blog On. On her Mom Reviews Blog-she actually gets to "test drive" a new touch screen computer! How in the world do I sign up for that job????

Justin's Weblog is up next. I am a big fan of riddles and am racking my brain trying to figure the latest one out!! Four Brothers and all!! I've missed every one that I've tried so far on his blog. Plus, there is even a video of a gruesome find in a box of McDonald's chicken! Buyer beware--yikes!!

The Milk Bar is chock full of cute babiness! Aaron is her sons name and he is a cutie. Learning to talk and probably growing up too fast in his momma's eyes!! It's really nice to read blogs from far off countries--kind of like a quick day trip--this one to Malaysia!

Jade over at Sweet Catastrophe is up next! Like me--she's a momma's girl who is addicted to Coke! Diet Coke for me, but Coke none the less! She also seems to be a Harry Potter fan--Did you like the Order of the Phoenix movie as much as the book? Just curious!!

Dragonfly is up next-and she is a self described Pagan and practicing witch! How cool is that? So many questions are now flooding my mind-intrigued I must say!! She is a multiple blog blogger--and I do believe even her husband authors one. Very cool!! You can find her over at Quietly Into The Night, The Crazy Cat Woman, The Traveling Man and Witch On White Mountain. I do just have one question...what is an "Earthbag" house?? I will definitely be reading more!

Another multi-blogger is up next--I have to tell you--I have multiple blogs--but one definitely lags behind when I'm posting on another--but you guys are posting regularly--and about cool and interesting things--I'm just amazed--Keep it up!

Stitch-n-Stuff's own Kim is up next-and after I write this post--I'm heading over to the BCA's to vote for her blogs. She's got two blogs in the running--this one and Thinking Outloud have both been nominated for Best Blog About Stuff! That leaves her Life's Like That out in the cold! Maybe while I'm there voting--We'll nominate this little blog for something too!! Poor little left out blog!

I love anything that will show me how to make money while sitting on my tush--so the aptly named Making Easy Money Online looks like a winner to me. Best Webmaster Tools is another needed lesson--I still have to figure out how to create my own template from start to finish--and that isn't happening soon!! There are also CWhyte For President and Funny in his arsenal--all really great sites!

Another of my long time reads are La Vie de Laurie and Laurigami. I love that her husband wrote her a song--I love that she is a 'Coach' purse addict (and not even trying to quit!!) and I can't wait to see what the studs will become as her new house is completed!! All in all--a very good read!

Ok--I think I just mentioned the fact that I want to figure out how to put together a template all my own--well, I just found a site to walk me through it!! Hidden Council looks to offer just the info I need--I can't wait to dig in more!! It goes through style sheets and all! And if you head on over to Rogue Idea there's a recipe for a Jamba Juice Orange Dream Machine--and I can tell you--my husband would LOVE it!!

The last few votes I've gotten were from my Sister Steph over at Mustard and Catsup and Savvy Mom, and my Aunt Peggy-- Peg's AZ Life and Enuf Kids 10. Then there is always my mom--but she isn't a blogger--so I just have to send out a special --Thanks and Loves to her!!

Thanks again everyone--I couldn't have gotten into second place without you all!!


Jade said...

I haven't really tackled my movie review yet...there's so much to say. I'll just say I was pretty happy with the things that were in the movie, but it was a little overshadowed by the fact that oh...maybe 2/3 of the book was missing...and I've come to the conclusion that the movie directors thing Dobby and Neville are the same character...

Anonymous said...

That's awesome! I just voted again today and I see you are in first place! Congratulations-- I hope you win :)


K. Darrell said...

Thanks for the encouragement. I don't really expect to win this time around, but it sure made me feel good just to be nominated.

Elizabeth said...

Thanks for the linky love! I think you are going to win, and then your design will be on a Visa Jr card! how cool!