Friday, July 13, 2007

Score Reading!!

I keep forgetting to update everyone on Blake and her reading camp. I signed her up with Score Learning Center clear back in May--and she's been going to summer camp. She is amazing! They are currently using a mixture of phonics and sight words--which makes me happy. I've found and have heard that pure phonics instruction isn't nearly as good--kids will read a book with just phonics, but not have the ability to decipher what they've just read. As reading comprehension is just as important as the ability to read--that doesn't fare well later on. But with her sight words and phonics instruction and with the help of Score's reading tutors she is really progressing well! She will be in Pre-K this school year-and will most likely be checking her own books out of the library. We are very proud of her!!


Lynne said...

You have good reason to be proud! Successful reading leads to so many creative things down the road, it opens up a world of possibilities!