Friday, July 13, 2007

Cleaning And Packing!!

The plan on tap for today?? Cleaning! I now--when is it not the plan for the day! I really do need to get going and really just thin out. I don't want to be packing and moving the junk that we have coming out our ears! I have to go sign the contract at 10:45 am, and then I will bring boxes home from the restaurant and start getting things that aren't in use packed up. Hopefully then things will start to stay put and stay tidy. It really is hard to keep house when everyone lives on top of each other and out of 6 people--only one person is doing all of the cooking, cleaning and laundry. Yes--It is what I signed up for as a stay at home mom--but my kids really do need to be taking up some of the slack--and they are totally digging in their heels!

Little do they know that when they have their own room--they will be required to keep it neat and tidy. That will be a shocker-they've never had their own room-and have never tried to keep it clean. That's always been my job!! Jake and Grayson will even be responsible for their own laundry (Jake is now) and vacuuming their own rooms once a week. I think they will do great!


Happy Blogger said...

They will great! But, it may take longer than you hope it will.

I'm so excited for you! I haven't heard yet if there is an excepted offer. I sure hope there is.

Oh, my room is the blue room. Right?