Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Gettin' Down!!

Who knew life could be so crazy??? I have gone into great details on other blogs--and I really am soooo not in the mood to rehash the entire 'sordid affair' other than to say--I'm amazed at how homesick I get for my family in Utah when things with my husbands family get so dysfunctional!! I've been in a bit of a stupor/depression over the past couple of days. Good news all around me--new house, new beginnings, vacation coming in 2 weeks--but all in all--I'm just down!

I'm hoping to get everything moved in and settled really quickly so that we can plan a quick trip to Utah to see my parents! All of my life I've been cheered up just by hearing my mom's voice! So how much better is a hug!!


Lynne said...

I know where you're coming from! A visit home can be a sure cure for dealing with all the stress going on in our everyday lives. Hope you're feeling better and get to go home soon!