Friday, August 17, 2007


It feels so funny to be excited about boxes! Nothing fabulous, empty boxes!! My husband is a Chef--and the best time that this comes in handy...well, when does having a Chef for a husband NOT come in handy, eh??? Well, today was delivery day at the restaurant. I reminded him to call and tell his crew not to break down the boxes--I wanted all of them. His restaurant has the coolest boxes.

Did you know Milk is delivered in crate sized boxes? The perfect size for ANYTHING! They are too small to over-pack--so even full they aren't heavy, then they have handles on the sides, and since they normally carry 4 gallons of milk--they are very durable!

Then, you know those styro-foam take out boxes--they come in one huge box--perfect for toys and kitchen gadgets and STUFF!!

But the coolest thing we picked up tonight--the wine boxes! They have those cool dividers to keep my colored bottle collection from breaking--as well as every glass in the house!

All in all--I got about 40 boxes of all sizes--and tomorrow--I can't wait to wake up and start packing something!!