Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Homework Delayed!!

Due to the party running a little longer than we planned my boys got home after their bedtime. I knew they had homework and thought that they could get it finished up in the truck on the hour drive to school, but after they went to bed I wanted to double check. Turns out, there was more than I thought. So I set their alarm for 15 minutes earlier than they normally get up. They had no idea it was early--but they got up, sat at the couch and cranked out their homework. I needed to help them with it, and wouldn't have been able to help them had I sent them to school to do it. Grayson got his 16 spelling words written 3 times each, and his address written down--he did wait to draw and color the picture of the house until he was on the road. Jake had vocabulary words for health, and a few spelling sentences. The hardest thing was finding 8 words that normally end in a silent "e" that you drop to add an "ing" to the end. Mind you--I'm pretty good at this whole English language thing--but when you put me on the spot-all I could think of were words like walking and eating--writing and hiding were a little hard to come by at 6 in the morning!


Lynne said...

I've lost count of how many times my daughter has worked on homework in the car! I've never thought about setting the alarm a bit earlier, very good idea!