Saturday, August 18, 2007

It's Back!!

This evening we are supposed to join my in laws at their churches fundraising "Trifesta". My husband and his brother are working a booth for the restaurant--so it will be nice to see him, but it is supposed to be a rainy evening--not that my kids care--carnival rides are the most important thing--rain just adds to the fun! So I really should be getting everyone together--yet here I sit! It's been a down day--I would like to blame it on the rain--but honestly--I think a depression is setting in. I really should get medicated--but I just hate it, so I sit in a bit of a stupor! Not too fun--but totally avoidable--so no pity here!! I think it's been coming on for a week or so, and I've felt it--I was just hoping that I would be strong enough to fight it on my own. But of course, you actually have to understand something to control it--and I don't understand depression at all--so I don't stand a chance! So much is good right now--well, let me re-phrase that--99.9% of everything is going perfectly--but I can't seem to see it. All I can see is the Scoliosis and the chaotic mess that my house is--all the work left to finish--all the money that will need to be spent to fix this house up to sell--I guess it's just a "glass half empty" kind of day! I hate those!