Monday, August 06, 2007

My New Goal Program!!

If you've been reading this blog over the past month--you've probably realized that I have a TON of things to get started on doing. First, there is the big thing---called moving. How can one person not be motivated enough to start packing to move to a new home? That one isn't my big worry, as it will happen--but then what happens to everything else from my day?

I've always been a goal setter-I just rarely see the accomplishment of said goal. It just sort of gets lost in the day to day shuffle of mom-hood. Currently there are about 4 different schedules running through my head, none of which have been taken out of my head and put down on something tangible. If it isn't tangible, how can I be held to it, right?

Well, now there is GoalEnforcer. This is a visual goal planning software that can help ME make my plan, get focused and accomplish (for the first time) all of my goals. You can easily set and rearrange the plan by dragging and dropping virtual objects--and can color code, print progress charts and status reports. The calendar will remind you of important due dates. Can you imagine how great this would be for home projects, school assignments all things a busy stay at home mom needs? Ok, so it's far bigger than just little old me! Business managers--working moms and dads--of course, no one is more on top of goals and scheduling than a working mom--but truly---I can't think of one person that couldn't be helped by this!

I plan on looking into this innovative new program, and getting it setup and started just as soon as possible!