Monday, August 06, 2007

Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde!!

Today has been a rough day with my 9 year old. I love him dearly, but he has this attitude problem that resurfaces every so often. He literally changes into Mr. Hyde--and there is no warning. Today at the zoo it popped up in regards to the fact that he wasn't going to get to ride the paddle boats. Had there been things around he would have thrown them. But also during these moments, he's very sassy and rude and obstinate--and it's horrid. Usually I attribute it to low blood sugar, and so today we headed off to lunch in the cafeteria.

Well, tonight it happened again. He kicked his little sister pretty hard and for no reason. So I took the opportunity to go to dinner with us away, with no chance to earn it back. You know, trying the opposite of what didn't work at the zoo.

Well, he was hyperventilating and in tears and it was awful. So it was finally agreed that he could come to dinner with us, but he would not be eating. Yes, I'm sure our waitress thought we were horrible parents--but that is what we did. He begged nearly all of dinner. Not so much vocally, but through his heavy sighs and lingering stares. It was pathetic--but when we got home he went in and made himself some dinner.

I'm not saying things will immediately change--but this type of behavior has to stop--and if I have to be the worlds worst mother to get it to change--I will do it!