Monday, August 06, 2007

The World Series Champs Are Following Us!!

It's the last half of the baseball season, and for a quick heartbeat over the weekend--the Cubbies were in first place-and tied for the wild card. Totally cool--although we seem to get just close enough to the playoffs without actually making it. The year they finally made it to the playoffs we were lucky to score 4 tickets at box office prices and then turn that into an auction sale for close to $700! It was amazing, and I'm praying the Cubs do it again this year--cause mommas got a mortgage now!

We have been amazingly lucky when it comes to the baseball world. We lived in Phoenix and I was (still am) a HUGE Arizona Diamondback fan the year they won the world series. I was excited at the prospect of going downtown for the parade, but due to other obligations, I was relegated to my couch at home. The opportunity for a victory parade followed us once again after our move to Chicago. The White Sox won the World Series shortly after we moved here, and then the Bears made it to the Super Bowl just last year.

My dream of being in the thick of the action of a victory parade are thus far un-experienced--but I'm young--and at this rate--we may have a great playoff season coming up in baseball-and the Bears are looking stronger than ever! Now I just need to find me some tickets!!