Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Rant!! But Just A Small One!!

Ok--all of you folks out there who would like traffic to your blogs--let me tell you the best way to lose it! Put up a joke post that ties up someones computer for hours on end! I was in reading some of my favorite blogs while I waited for the "Big Money" to drop--click one button--and my computer is toast! So I am a little ticked, but just turn off my computer--and restart it! Well, in the 2 minutes it takes to do that...the "Big Money" drops!! So I miss it! So now I'm not just a little ticked--I'm on full Terror Alert Red Ticked!! I'm happy to play along---I'm happy to to find funny things--but when you mess with my bottom line---Then I get mad!!

Let me just say...I won't be visiting that blog--ever again...and the link has been removed from my blog! Buh-BYE!!