Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Bus!!

I went early yesterday afternoon to register my boys for their new school. They start on the 22nd, and it was kind of exciting! First off--I have to say--it was the smoothest registration I've ever been through. Tables set up in stations throughout the schools multi-purpose room--when finished up with everything, you go into the library for 'online' registration, after that--it's off to the office to sign the last few documents. It took about an hour, but went so smoothly.

Station 4 was about riding the bus. The district web page mentioned that if you life 1.5 miles from school, your kids would be bused. I knew we don't even live a mile from school, but they cross a terribly busy road, and there are no sidewalks once you cross that road. So with a hopeful curiosity--I stopped to check if my kids qualify.

Now when you are a "new" student--you just feel stupid--I know nothing of the way they do things--I don't know what questions they are going to ask--I know nothing of what forms they nned. I generally try to downplay my stupidity with a quick-"I'm new, and I have no idea what you need!" The bus lady laughed and showed me a bunch of papers and asked if any of these streets sounded a matter of fact one did. So I found out that my kids bus stop is on the corner of street A and street B--and that corner--just so happens to be owned (as of the 31st of August) by ME!! Yep, our corner--20 feet from my front door--is the bus stop!

School there starts at 8--which is the exact time my kids have gotten up to be at school here--in the new house-the bus leaves at 7:41 a.m.! Oh, my poor kids!


Lynne said...

That's awesome! I always wished my daughter could catch the bus outside our own house, but no such luck. Her stop now is two blocks away but she likes me to drive her since we moved. We'll see how things go, I told her I'd drive her to start if that's what she wants. Riding the bus could allow her to meet some of the other girls in our subdivision though, so we'll have to wait & see.