Thursday, March 19, 2009


Since I generally write about products that I find interesting, I would like to try or have tried and love--I thought I would take a moment and RANT about the crap I hate!!

First off--when we were very first beginning this process of purchasing a home I thought, "Hey, what better way than to have lenders compete for my business!" You know the catch line, you've seen the commercials. So I head on over to Lending Tree's website and input our information. Not too bad--I'm expecting some emails to start arriving at any moment--but what do I get? A FLOOD of phone calls--8 in 1/2 hour--all from these lenders competing for my business. But it didn't stop, it went on and on for days--in fact, a month later I'm still getting the straggling phone call. Of course, we tell them that we've finished the mortgage cycle, and not currently interested in their product! But after literally 300 phone calls--I owe my husband a HUGE "Sorry, Honey"!!

So last night...we are needing to find home owners insurance. Our car insurance is with Geico--but who's ever heard of Geico selling Home Owners Insurance--so me, I go to I put in the information we need--and am expecting the final page to come up with 6 or 7 quotes from different companies--that's what I got a few years back looking for auto insurance--but nope--to my HORROR--I got a page with 10-12 company names--letting me know that they would be contacting me shortly! WHAT THE HECK?? Sooooooo NOT what I wanted. So I did it again--today they are calling en masse, and I've gotten 16 emails! Ok--I LOVE getting emails--I hate getting phone calls. If you call me--you've lost my business immediately!! So again, I owe my husband a HUGE "Sorry, Honey"!!

Then, the other day-I'm signing up for some service plan--and it asks for my cell phone number. Since mine was dead at the time, I gave them my husbands. It didn't really matter--there was a line directly following the box for the phone number---"Don't worry, we won't call you"!! So, I finish putting the rest of the info in, and flip to the next page, and what does it say????? We just sent you a text message with your PIN, enter it here to see if you are a winner! Ok, what happened to the "Don't worry, we won't call" line! As soon as that thought entered my mind--my phone rang. Yep!! It was my husband. Something about getting a text message..."Sorry, Honey"!!

I'm sooooooo sick of having to say that! Yes, I say it a lot--I'm a freaky chic--but for things I never planned to have happen?? So, for all of you out there.....NEVER, I REPEAT NEVER try Lending, and NEVER, I REPEAT NEVER try!! And if anyone says what's your cell phone number---we won't call you---Run!! And, just to let you know...Geico does offer Home Owners Insurance (Who Knew) and they were cheaper than all of the others--even before they add in our auto discount!


ams said...

Wow! Thanks for sharing that! I wondered abt those companies.

Steph said...

Yeah, I am right with you there! If I go to the website and enter in all my information, what in the world makes you think I want you to CALL me!?! By the way, the medical insurance guys are the same way.

Happy Blogger said...

That is good to know. I won't be calling Lending Tree, didn't intend to anyway, but won't know for sure. I used to own the stock for insweb, I wonder what they are up to or down to now. And that was good to know about Geico. How did John and Sherri's trip go. What did you all do. Well, I could be talking to you for real, but this is fun too. Love you..Pegster