Saturday, March 21, 2009

Jakey Time!!

Well, our date night came quickly and seemed to go just as quickly. I picked the boys up from school and hurried home, so Jake could get his homework done. He had forgotten his spelling list at school--and that was the only homework he had--so he will miss recess today to get it done. So we headed out. He decided that he would like to see "Bridge To Terabithia" and then go to dinner. So off we went. We caught a matinee, which only means that snacks cost more than the tickets to get in--but hey--how often do you get to take your 9 year old out. Yep, he got spoiled! The movie was pretty confusing to me. I loved the underlying story of friendship--but was very confused by the whole Terabithia thing. At the end, the boy learned to share what his friend had taught him with his little sister, who adored him. So needed in our family. Jake and Blakelynn do not get along at all. She adores him, and pesters him for attention--he gets annoyed with her and generally yells at, or scares her.

So at Bakers Square--we kind of talked about the movie and how it kind of mirrors our life at home. I pointed out the relationship between the brother and sister and how they fixed the relationship in the end. I then reminded Jake that Blake loves him and just wants to play with him. Then I asked if between now and our next date--if he would read her a bedtime story every night. Nothing more--just a story that she picks. He said he would. I think this little act of service on Jake's part--and little bit of attention for Blake--will truly be a miracle in their relationship! I HOPE anyway!

It was a wonderful night--we talked about things going on in his life. I found out he has a crush on a girl in his class, how long has this been going on! We talked about boys growing up, and things that will start to happen. We laughed, we snuggled--we were the only ones in the theater until just before the movie started. So I leaned over and told him that if no one else came--we could just make out the whole time! OH....the look on his face was CLASSIC!! He definitely thinks his mom is crazy!!

Next week is Grayson--and then it will be Jake's turn again. I can't wait!!