Friday, September 07, 2007

I'm Still Not Back!!

I know I said I would be back last Tuesday--but dumb old moving out people and even dumber AT&T--I won't be back up and running until next Tuesday! Anyone leaving comments to be added or deleted to the "Favorite Blogs" section--I have not forgotten about you--but I'm using a borrowed computer and while I type--I have 4 kids running amok in the in laws house--so give me until Tuesday (between 8am and 8pm as per AT&T) and I will get everything back in shape!

The new house is AWESOME! Tons of work left in it--and double that is left in the old house--but come Tuesday...I will have PHOTO's!!! Can't Wait! Thanks for all of the emails-and comments--you guys are awesome!!

Till Tuesday!! (Wait, isn't that an 80's band????)


Leigh said...

Oh wow, you've moved into the new house! Excellent! Can hardly wait to see those photos!!

Lynne said...

Well, needless to say, there are always a few glitches when it comes to moving, but I'm so glad you are loving your new house! Can't wait to see pictures.

Suni said...

YAY Im so glad you like your new house !!