Saturday, September 01, 2007

It's Today!!

Well, after 45 days of believing it would never come------It's Moving Day! I'm still in shock. After closing yesterday we went and hung out at the "new" house. I vacuumed all of the carpets--and washed the walls around the doors and light switch, but everything else was pretty darn clean. As I sit here now I'm realizing I really should have gone grocery shopping while I was there in order to have food in the fridge for lunch and dinner today. Now, amidst the move--I have to shop. I will need to remember this for our next move (yeah, right)!!

The kids spent the night at their friends house-and she kept Barrett for most of the evening. I was able to just go out to dinner with my husband. We went to Hooters--because there is a new one near by, I've never been to one and Dr. Laura says their chicken sandwich is "To Die For"! Boy--was it AWFUL!! The food was bad, the service was bad, it's a Pepsi establishment and every 'hooligan' within a 50 mile radius was holed up there yelling from their table in the corner to another fellow hooligan in the opposite corner. I'm definitely too old for this!!

We were up until 2 am packing--notice, I didn't say finishing up!! We are mainly just trying to make it so the movers can get to the heavy stuff. We have TOO MUCH CRAP!! That is all I can say! I've been thinning down as I've been packing--but this is still ridiculous! When we get to the new house--I'm choosing 14 pairs of pants and shirts, 5 pairs of jammies, and a Sunday Best outfit or two. But I will keep a huge supply of socks and underwear, as we are never able to find them. After that--every other item of clothing is toast!! It's terrible to have so many clothes! And it isn't just clothes. We have baby blankets to warm a Third World country--some of those will go to Good Will as well.

Well, I'm off to "finish up"! I won't be on the rest of the weekend--but hope to be back up and running in time for 1K Tuesday!! See you all then!!


Lynne said...

I'm so glad to hear your closing went smoothly and you're ready to move! I hope everything goes well and you get some time in there to relax amidst all the stress. I have carpets in our new house that I'd like to replace also, but like you, decided it could wait. Good Luck with everything!

Karen said...

Have a great move! Cant wait to see pics of the new place.

Laurie said...

I'm right behind you! Our walk-through is on the 18th and our closing on the 25th.

Good luck with your move!

Happy Blogger said...

You make me laugh! I know exactly what you mean about shopping before you get there. Remember last April when I almost died! It was because there wasn't any food in the house! No only was there no food but we kept bringing in food I wasn't supposed to it. Like donuts, pizza, and Chinese take-outs. Never again, will I do that! I'll remember that lessen when we again. If we move again.