Saturday, September 22, 2007

My New Kitchen!!

I love my kitchen! It is finally getting in to shape! Mind you, I have to peel all of the old wall paper off and sand it and paint it the color I want it to be--but for the most part, everything else is in!

I think I've mentioned in the past that because my husband is a chef, I have been collecting "Chef Stuff" for years. Every treasure I found I carefully packed in our basement just waiting for the day we would get to move into a new house. Of course, that new house was supposed to be many more years away--and in Utah! But here we are, and I have a ton of red, black and white stuff--with a floral kitchen!

I want most of my kitchen done in red and black--but since I've never seen microwave ovens in red--that will just have to stay stainless steel!

As excited as I am about getting the kitchen completed--I still have a ton of projects that are half way done--just waiting for me to finish them up!