Friday, September 28, 2007

Sleepy Hollow!!

My kids are watching the move Sleepy Hollow right now. It's kind of become an obsession in this house. You see, there is a road in Illinois named Sleepy Hollow Road, and several years I was on the road with my "Soon2BX" sister in law, and we went from this normal subdivision/semi commercial road to this winding, foggy, country road with forests on one side of the road and meadows on the other. It was late, and dark and foggy--and I said, "Wow, this looks like the kind of road you would expect to see the Headless Horseman on!" We laughed at the eerie little street--until we got to the top of it--"Sleepy Hollow Road"! How cool is that! So we were in the neighborhood for it the other evening--and I had to take them down Sleep Hollow and freak them out! What better way to do that--than with the movie!!