Friday, September 28, 2007


When we moved in we were without DSL for nearly 3 weeks--yes, I know--I talk about that a lot. But as crazy as it was without it, I was able to get some of my projects started. The biggest and baddest...literally, was the master bedroom set. On the move from Phoenix to Chicago it was trashed. It cost a TON of money when we bought it and I was heartbroken when it was ruined. Then--with a two year old monster running around and a husband that brings sharpie permanent markers home every night--well, you can just guess how beautiful my bedroom set became! So, instead of going out and spending a lot of money on a new bedroom set-I decided to paint mine satin black. Mind you we have a head board, foot board, armoire, dresser with mirror and two bedside tables. All of it has this intricate wood work around it--and the dresser/mirror and the armoire have two each!

Well, I started it during my downtime--but didn't quite get it finished. After having a HORRIBLE carpet disaster...we don't talk about that...I didn't dare go back to it. So today--I have been trying to finish up that project! I have so many others to begin-but won't let myself until I finish that one. It should be done later tonight, and I will put pictures up of the finished product. I may look back in my photo albums to see if I have any pictures that show what it originally looked like as well.