Friday, November 09, 2007

The Home Stretch!!

My kids and husband get home in about 2 hours. That is when the chaos will begin. I have the last of the laundry going--then it's time to pack the kids. They will each be packed in their own backpacks--and once they are done--it's time for me and the hubby. But I can't pack the boys until they are home from school and the backpacks emptied. But even worse than that...I can't pack us until we head to the old neighborhood to drop the kids off for the weekend. See, I didn't move any of our luggage yet!! So it's all sitting in the basement of the old house. So I have to gather everything--pack it in a laundry basket--drop off Barrett at my in laws house--and then head to the old house. Drop off the kids with their friends--stop at the house and pack! That just seems so weird, and wasteful--but there you have it! My house is totally in order except for vacuuming the entire top floor--and the living room and dining room. And well--the family room is still in Armageddon stage--but I can't clean that until the hubby is home to help watch the 3 year old. Otherwise, I will be cleaning it 4 times!! After that--it's a quick vacuum--a reload of all of the toilet paper and paper towel rolls in the house, and the stacking of clean towels so that our house sitter doesn't have to search for everything!! So much finished...lots to be done!!


Karen said...

Wow! You didn't look like you had gone through all of that chaos!