Friday, November 09, 2007

I "Heart" NY!!

This is my mother in law in Time Square with the Naked Cowboy. I'm not sure what the fanny fondling has to do with it, but earlier this year they had the chance of a life time to visit this amazing city.

It's always been my favorite, and in fact, I loved it so much that instead of having my parents fly to Japan to pick me up--I asked if we could wait and take a trip when I got home. My trip was to New York. We went when I was in High School and I loved it so much that the weekend before college my dad offered me a trip. I could fly out anywhere he was working--and we would spend the weekend there and fly home. I again chose New York. My husband has never had the chance to go, and neither have my kids. But living in Chicago--we are half way there. So I'm thinking this spring would be an ideal time to get my husband and kids back east, and heck---we'll take his parents with us.