Thursday, November 08, 2007

Shhhhhh, Don't Tell BenSpark!!

Well, I guess he'll probably find out anyway! But I stole HIS awesome Photo-A-Day photo. I was excited to see it. Mainly because we will be staying at Circus Circus too. Mind you--I don't know how far away it is from the Convention Center--but I was taking a taxi Saturday morning anyway.

Apparently his room has a view of the Stratosphere, which I do believe means that we are at the opposite end of the strip to the Hilton--but that's OK! I chose Circus Circus, because it allowed an 8pm check out time, and our flight isn't until 11:30 pm Sunday night. So we can Par-tay all day Sunday--head back for a nap--check out, and head to the airport!

You gotta love got air and hotel for 2 nights for 2 people--for a grand total of $700-cheapest I've found anywhere!!

Today I will pack four kids--a husband and myself! Just as much work for me to get two people out of town--but with the three kids going to the old neighbors house--and Barrett going with Uncle Bob for the weekend--there is a lot of packing involved!


BenSpark said...

I wish I found out about the 8pm checkout time. I would have stayed there another night. I did so much walking. I don't mind that you used my photo. You gave me proper credit and that is cool. Thanks for the linky love. It is too bad that we didn't connect prior to Postiecon, would have helped save on some taxi expenses.