Thursday, November 22, 2007


Holy Cow!! Is this perfect? I was online this morning looking at some of the Black Friday ads, and I found this over at It's a Hillary Clinton, "Nut"-cracker! LOL!! Honestly--there is nothing more frightening than a rabid-liberal-feminist lesbian!! Normal, everyday, fun loving, down to earth lesbians...I have NO PROBLEM with you!! But when you get to be so out of this world wacko like Rosie and Hillary---I take issue!! And don't go giving me that "Hillary Isn't A Lesian" shpeel--because we've all heard it before--and it's a load of bunk!! Read her book--and then tell me she's not!

All I can say...Men--protect your "nuts"!!


Hoto said...

lol this one is really nice. i love it too. the nut cracker president. lol