Saturday, November 17, 2007

I'm Spoiled!!

We have this beautiful tree in our front yard--you know the kind of tree that has four really amazing seasons! Currently it is in it's bright Yellow Autumn season, but I'm sure I'll grab some photo's of every one of them. I love this tree! This tree may be a big reason why we bought this house. I love it's size, it's shape--everything! Except for the beautiful carpet of bright yellow leaves it leaves on the ground underneath it!

I have been sick for a while--but being sick does not get to cut into the "Good Neighbor" responsibilities that come with the care and upkeep of my yard! This is the first weekend since the leaves began to fall, and it is my civic duty to get out there and clean up the mess! I've been lying in bed all night trying to come up with a plan of action. It ranged from attaching the bag to the lawn mower and dumping it into the lawn bags (every 30 seconds after it got full) to using the blower to corner the leaves in the yard and scoop from there. Then I realized one thing...we don't even own a rake in this house!! Whoops!! So imagine my thrill this morning when out of no where the doorbell rings. It is a wonderful family from around the corner. They own a landscaping business and they are offering their services to clean the front yard and side yard for $30.00! HOLY COW!!! Is that a lot? Is that a little? I feel like it's not a lot considering the dread I was feeling in having to get to it! Next year we will have our ride on lawn mower and I will be the bomb yard cleaner upper--but for this year--these wonderful people are my heroes!!

Because of them--I can do the one thing I really need to do today...get to Insta-Care to get on some heavy duty antibiotics! I've been sick for over a year--and I really don't think that is too normal!