Monday, November 12, 2007

Sleepy Bears!!

The Convention folks were given a TON of these fabulously cute little Travelodge teddy bears. We each got one in our 'swag bags' at Postie Con--but at the end there was a table full of them. So I grabbed one for each of my kids. We brought home a ton of other souvenirs for the kids, but threw this baby in with the rest and our green entrance bands to Tao--see for yourself, the bears were a hit!

I went into their bedrooms to give them a final kiss goodnight, and after the third child in a row was found snuggling with their bear--I figured it must be a photo op! Here are all four of the kids with their teddy bears!


Pegmeister said...

Ohhhh! Aren't my great nephews and niece adorable! Love the pictures.

Lynne said...

Oh my! They all look so sweet! What a precious collection of pictures.