Monday, November 12, 2007

Chicago Business Magazine!!

Several weeks ago I did an interview for Crains Chicago. Now I have to say, I'd never heard of them, so the interview wasn't really that big of a deal. I answered the questions as best I could--hoping not to look foolish or come across as inept, or worse be mis-quoted! That last one happens all of the time when we "bloggers" are interviewed. My husband happened to call from work one evening and asked what I was doing. I told him I was doing an interview with some little Chicago newspaper (so sorry Crains!!). He asked who--I told him "Crains Chicago something". There was the most minutest of pauses and I get a stunned husband saying, "Chicago Business?" ummmmmm, I guess so, have you heard of them? So lets just say--this 'little' interview turned out to be big-and it started to get the nerves pulsing!! Now I was even more worried about what I would say!

I submitted my interview--and thought that was it--when I got a phone call from a photographer needing to come over to take pictures for the article. It was the week of Halloween and so crazy--but we scheduled it for either Thursday or Friday after Halloween around 3:30 in the evening.

Blakelynn had been the pink princess for Halloween and was so excited when it was over, so that she could wear the dress full time. The morning of the photographer--she removed her P.J.'s and put the dress on. She did this for two full days after Halloween--so I don't know if the photo was taken the first day in the dress--or the second!

I blog in the corner of my kitchen. It really is the heart of the house. I can see to the right into the family room, to the left into the backyard and the kitchen table is directly behind me. I'm in the middle of the action. If the boys are outside getting a little rough--I just open the window and chat with them. If they need a sandwich--I'm right here, if they want to watch a movie--again--really close.

So the day comes for the pictures to be taken. My boys are in the backyard with their friends. Blakelynn is playing with her barbie dolls at my feet and Barrett is asleep in my arms--it's what he does everyday around 4:30 pm. My poor photographer got a little lost and ended up coming to my house nearly 2 hours late (sorry John!!) Barrett wasn't asleep at the scheduled time--but was sound asleep by the time he got there. I had left the front door open, so that the photog could let himself in--I can see straight through to the front door from my desk...see, it really is the heart of the house.

So John gets there and tells us not to move--this is the shot he wants! He asks how long Barrett will stay asleep--and was happy to hear that we probably had an hour or two before he would stir. So he rushed to get all of his lights set up. He did great--and honestly-I'm sure people would look at this picture and think..."Wow, they really staged that good." but truly--this is what he walked in to! He had hoped to be able to capture the boys outside the window--but there is a big shrub--and it wouldn't have been that easy. He took a lot of pictures. Some with me looking at him, some with me just working. Blakelynn would get up and play at the table and color--or flop back down on the floor. It really was a very easy---very natural shot!!


Drew said...

That is an excellent photo. And congrats on the interview. It was really nice to meet you and mike this past weekend at PostieCon. I hope I get a demo in Chicago soon so I can catch up with you guys again.

Pegmeister said...

That is a darling picture! I love the post.

Venomous Kate said...

That's a fabulous picture! It really does capture the essence of being a Mommy and a blogger, too: the family around, everyone doing their thing and yet close together, Mom staying on top of it all while blogging, too.

Great shot. Congrats on the interview!

goldengoddess said...

Congrats Robyn! What a sweet photograph, it couldn't have been a more natural shot. Thanks for sharing your interview with your readers, it is very well done! :)

Jules said...

That is an amazing picture, and congrats on the interview!