Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Chance To Win Money From ME!!

I found a SUPER-COOL site today! of my dearest friends in the world turned me on to it, but still...UBER COOL! It's a place where you can go and see what Christmas Light displays are in your area. Or--you can upload displays that you know of so that others can find them. There is even a really cool map in the center showing you right where the displays are in relation to your zip code. You can search by display type, including live actors, walk through, drive through, animation and cut outs. I know around town here in Chicago there are many--but they haven't been added yet. So I'm going to sit and add a few that I know of, both here and in Utah--to get the maps populated.

I'm in the mood for Christmas, especially with the Ice Storms we are having--once those finish, I'm ready to pack the kids up with a thermos full of hot cocoa--and head out and see the displays around here.

Another cool thing about this can win prizes. You get prize entries for every light display that you submit. You can write a blog post for more entries, donate to the charity, you know--click HERE to see the prizes and how you can enter.

I'm addicted to one particular part of this website. You can do so many different things to get you in the mood for the holidays, and my favorite are the Christmas games. I'm the best at...Deep Freeze! So, I'm sending out a challenge!! Head over to, play deep freeze and if you finish the game with a higher score than me...take a screen shot---post it on your blog--leave me a comment with a link to your blog---and the first 5 (FIVE) people to leave me a comment with a higher score than mine--I will send you a whopping $5.00! I know--it's not a lot--but it's Christmas!! Honestly, if you are like me--it won't take too long to kick my butt at this game--but there are so many other fun ones--this just happens to be the one I was determined to win!!

So, your mission, should you choose to accept it...Head over to, submit your favorite light displays so that the rest of us can go see them---check out the prizes and enter for a chance to win--and then...hit the games and try to beat me!!! If you do---go ahead and challenge others too!

Sorry---I got a new high score--and had to change my photo!! I haven't had any takers?? 709,600!!


Elizabeth Edwards said...

That site looks addictive! I've been reading a book for a review called "Merry Christmas, America", it's a tour of some of the best light displays around the country, and some of them are unbelievable!

Would you do me a favor when you have a chance and change the URL for Getting My Blog On to Thanks!

minus23degrees said...

heyy been follwing ur blogs regularly..tink its really cool..i hav added u..add a linkback 2 me at