Monday, December 03, 2007

Blakelynn's Crown Invitations!!

We finally finished up Blakelynn's invitations to her 'Ice Cream Ball' birthday party next Monday. They turned out really cute--very Princess indeed! She is inviting two friends from our old neighborhood as well as three cousins. They will all come in their princess dresses. We will decorate crowns, eat homemade pizza bread, play a few games and then at the end they will each get a "ball" of ice cream to decorate however they want.

And then of course, there is the Princess cake that I practiced making today! All around--yes--it is 100% a "girly/princess" party!

Can you tell I only have one girl amongst three little boys! I tend to go overboard slightly when I get to be girly!!

When it was time to distribute the invitations, Blake wore her princess dress and crown--and each invitation was addressed to "Lady Kathrynn" or "Lady Victoria".

The invitations say, "Come One, Come All, To Blake's Fifth Birthday Ice Cream Ball." And honestly, I didn't even mean to make it rhyme!


Principal Sal said...

Sooooooo CUTE!!! I wish the girls and I could come!! Happy 5th Birthday Blake!

Jennifer said...

That's sooo cute!

Pegmeister said...

You are so talented! You put me to shame!

You just get one birthday over with and prepare for another one. Good job!