Saturday, December 01, 2007

I'm Getting Really Worried!!

I've now gotten two emails today about the size of my penis. No, they aren't the first I've ever gotten--and they certainly won't be the last. This one says, "You don't need to envy guys with larger equipments anymore". This is why I'm a bit worried. Because--no matter what they say---I will still have to envy guys with larger equipment--because honestly--even the smallest man has a bigger penis than I do! However, I don't think any of their "ideas" would really help me! And to be quite honest---I'm not even sure my husband would want me to find help with "that" problem!! Well, OK--I'm flat out positive that he would NOT be happy with that idea!

So, I guess I will just go on living my life with a really small penis--I just wish the spammers would get a clue--and try at least, not to bother women with their garbage!!


Elizabeth Edwards said...

Gee Robyn, you should really talk to your doctor about that :)

I am worried about the size of my, um, "load", because apparently it isn't big enough to satisfy "her", whomever she is. Ha!

Pegmeister said...

Hey! I'm getting the same emails. I was wondering where they were coming from, and still am, but I now see that it has something to do with a blogger.