Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Moments That Last A Lifetime!!

You know how there are things in the world that just take you back to a different time and a different place? Well, this is a huge one for me. It takes me back to 7th grade with my best friend Heather Price. We were both HUGE Duran Duran fans--each going to marry two of them. But then on top of them, you throw in all of our other favorites of the day, Sting, Bananarama, Phil Collins, Bob Geldof and the Boomtown Rats, U2, Paul Young--you name it...if they were Brittish and known in the pop world--they were there. I am of course talking about Band Aid and Feed The World.

Every time it comes on I have to stop. Here I am a 36 year old mom of four--and instantly, I'm 12 again. Blaring the radio and staying up really late every Friday night hoping that this was the night that Friday Night Video's would play the video, and missing it every week. We didn't have MTV back then, but Heather did. She recorded the video for me, but sadly--her family had a Beta and we had a VCR (Wow, skip the song, I just dated myself with that one!!) and I couldn't ever get a copy. Who know that just 2 decades later--the video would be on YouTube for me to finally indulge in!

My kids roll their eyes when this song comes on the radio every Christmas. I silence them and turn the radio up nearly as high as it can go--and I can still sing every word, see every face from the video and name every artist singing. I literally am transformed back into a 12 year old singing my heart out 24 years ago!

My oh my---how time flies!!