Friday, December 07, 2007

The Party Plan!!

Ok, so you've seen the invitations. You've seen the cake. Now here's the plan! (if you have little girls--tell me if any part of this is bad/tantrum inducing...I'm open)

4:00-The guests begin arriving
4:05-The girls each have an individual pan of flattened bread dough. They will get to put whatever they want on it to create their custom "pizza bread". Since they will be in their princess dresses-we are doing pizza bread because there is no pizza sauce on that--and that could get messy.
4:15-Candy Bar game. You roll the dice 3 times to try to get a 5. If you get one--grab a candy bar--if you don't pass the dice and wait for your next turn. Normally you can steal someone elses candy--but THAT would induce trauma, so we are leaving that part out.
4:30-Decorate foam crowns with foam stickers and gems
4:50-Eat pizza bread and ??????? (any ideas...garlic bread, salad, jello)
5:10-Unwrapping game. Big box all wrapped up in layers and layers of paper. Music plays and the box is passed around. When the music stops, the person holding the box starts to unwrap the present. When the music starts up again-they pass the box. When the box is finally unwrapped--all of the goodie bags are in it.
5:35-Photo scavenger hunt around the house, ending at the kitchen table with the Cake and Ice Cream Balls.
6:00--It's officially over, but anyone can stick around and play and chat.

Does that sound ok? Is there just too much going on? If so--I would probably cut out the candy bar game--their goody bags have a candy necklace, bracelet, and ring pop in them--so the parents probably wouldn't mind losing a candy bar.


Lynne said...

That sounds like a very well thought out plan to me! Instead of candy bars in the candy bar game you could do some of that cheap jewelry from the dollar store. That would eliminate some sugar fromt he party! :-D

Gib said...

Lynne--that is an AWESOME idea--I will pick the jewelry up tomorrow. That is so much better because the little girls can take their jewelry home to their own dress up boxes. LOVE IT!!

Elizabeth (Table for Five) said...

I think it sounds like a fun party!