Tuesday, September 02, 2008


What a crazy last couple of weeks it's been. Getting home from Wisconsin, getting the kids ready for and into school to being able to relax by the pool for Labor Day. With three kids gone during the day, and only the Demon child home...it really is becoming really quiet around here. He will start school the first week of October. I'm so excited we found him a Pre-School that only costs $170 for the entire year. It's through the high school, so I'm sure it's getting funding from somewhere else as well. I've been looking around for Pre-Schools the last few months, and let me tell you they are deathly expensive! I wouldn't be able to afford school and the Harley parts my husband keeps purchasing! Ok, so he's not that bad!

When Grayson started pre-school I paid $120 to sign him up and $120 per month. It was out of control, and during a time we really couldn't afford it. But with his shyness, he needed it--so we worked it into the budget and he has thrived because of it. Barrett has the same personality, and I'm hoping it will help him get over his shyness as well!