Monday, November 24, 2008

20 Year Reunion

Is it too early for New Year's Resolutions? I know, it probably is, but I have to say...I'm gonna do it this year! My high school reunion is coming up, 20 years, and if I have to take Decaslim twice a day to get skinny and beautiful....then that is what I am going to do!

Twenty years! I can't imagine. I walk my 4 year old into the high school for his pre-school program, and I still feel as gawky and strange as I did all those years ago. I was not one of those girls that just magically floated through the hallways. How I wanted to be! Now with the creation of online social networking, I've had the chance to take a look at some of these girls. Time has not been too kind to many of them! Now, I'm just a few pounds away from MY TURN!