Thursday, November 13, 2008

Weekly Sales Rock!!

Have you started thinking about Christmas yet? That is absolutely AMAZING to my mind! But ready or's time to start planning. This time of year is a budget killer for us. With three kid's birthdays, Thanksgiving and Christmas...YOWZA!! So searching for bargains is a must. The kids have their wish lists finished already, and I'm just trying to think of something nice for my husband. I've been looking a couple of things. The Magellan Maestro would be perfect. He's always getting lost and with the catering portion of the restaurant picking up...he would definitely get some great use out of it. But I can't help looking at the external hard drive. This would be more of a "family" gift...and it is needed, but it's just not as fun as giving him his own special gift.

Both of these items are on sale this week, which helps immensely, I just have to figure out which one he would love/use more. Ok, LOVE nothing...he may actually make it home a couple of hours earlier if he has a little box on his dash telling him where to turn!!

You definitely don't want to miss this sale!!