Saturday, December 13, 2008

I finished up my Christmas shopping last Thursday or Friday. I couldn't help it, I was in the mood, and I had the budget for it--so we headed to Target first. I got everything I needed for Blake, except her vanity. What made it nice was that since I had to shop for four kids with the four kids present, I sent the two older ones to a different aisle with their little sister. I then stashed all of her gifts under their coats. As I always do, I wondered just what the "camera" watching people at Target thought--would they realize that I had kids and was using my stealth mode? I got everything I needed and headed to the check out counter. I sent the three over to find a candy bar while the woman ringing everything up was just as stealth as I was. They must have special ops Christmas training.

So we headed to Meijer. I mainly needed some groceries, but decided to check out their toy section for some of the "vanity" items for Blake. Again, I sent her with her brothers to a different aisle, but this was much different than at Target. I suddenly had a Meijer employee or two all around me. Mind you, they didn't do or say anything to me--they were just suddenly needed in my aisle. I didn't mind--I was being completely on the up and up--no biggie. So we head to the grocery section and I start putting my items on top of the coats that are on top of 'the goods'. When I finished up, I head to the front to do my self checkout. I sent the kids off again to get their candy bars (that they didn't get at Target).

Now here is where the problem began. The kids are away for a quick moment-so I should start with Christmas---except that I buried Christmas under the groceries. The groceries go on the debit card and come out of my budget, while Christmas is only paid for with cash. So I need to do two different check outs. So I do the groceries and click the button that I'm finished. Start the card swiping--and literally there was a SWARM of 8-10 Meijer employees around me. Again, not on me--but suddenly there. Again, I don't care--but I keep having to wave my kids back to the candy bar section to stay away from the Christmas stuff. You'd think the employee's would catch on, but they didn't. I finished paying for the groceries--and I had to put the bags on the floor--there was no room in the cart, and you can't leave them on the scaled counter. As soon as I finished and lifted the first coat to begin the Christmas portion--suddenly, one by one the employees started to dissipate. Except for one, he came over to help me get the items in different, non-see through bags. I made the comment about how hard it is to shop for Christmas for kids when they have to be with you, and he says, "Oh, don't worry about it, we get this all the time!" Yeah, well, you all certainly didn't act like it 5 minutes ago!!

So I am all done--everything is wrapped and under the tree. Now I'm just waiting for my husband to find the items from him, and I'll get those wrapped and under the tree as well.

On tap for tomorrow...the box for my parents in Utah!! It would be nice to be able to get their box put together and to their house before Christmas day. They leave for Yuma two days after Christmas--and if I miss them my package will sit out in front of their house for months!!