Monday, December 15, 2008

A Date With Jake!

American rock orchestra Trans-Siberian Orchestra.My son has taken up the Cello, and I have to say, music is in his blood. It's amazing to listen to him play after just a couple of weeks worth of lessons. For the past month he has been begging to go see the Trans-Siberian Orchestra that was here in Chicago last week. I had no interest in seeing it, and no money or child care in order to get him there. Why is it that after I hear of something for the first time and pay no attention to it--as soon as it's gone--the interest comes! I had no idea that I knew music from the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Not only did I know it, I really liked it!

The orchestra will be in town next week, and I really want to get this for my son. He's one of "those" kids (in need of some diet pills), and sadly it's starting to affect his self esteem. I do think most of his problem stems from his scoliosis, and I really can't do much for that--but what a great way to take his mind off of his body image.

I will have to tell you if we make it next week or not. It's the week of Christmas, and for some reason, everything seems to get backed up into that week. But for him, it's well worth putting some things on the back burner. A night for him to relish in the possibilities of his talent!
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