Saturday, January 03, 2009

Is It Really Just The Sink??

You know how it seems to be true that food cooked by someone else always tastes better? I know that's a strange thing to blog about, but over Christmas we had the opportunity to spend time at my husband's parents house. Since my mother in law cooked all of the food, I generally try to oversee the clean up. I'm going to throw out the idea that cleaning someone else's house is much more fun than cleaning my own! Kinda like the food thing, eh?

I can stand for a few minutes at my sink and wach the pots and pans by hand only to field a really sore back! But at their house, I can stand and hand wash the dishes until they are finished. The only thing different is that she has a deeper, wider seeming sink.

I guarantee you, if I had that sink, I would handle the dishes in my own sink much better. One can hope anyway, right? So I've been looking into Kohler sinks and if I can get my budget wrapped around it in the new year...that is my resolution!