Sunday, May 17, 2009

School Pride

I got in trouble tonight. You know, I wasn't expecting it. I really didn't think I'd done something wrong, but apparently it was the end of the world to my 9 year old. You see, at his school they earn "paws" for good behavior. After you've saved up enough paws, you can take them to the "Paw Trade-In" store and get something cool. They have everything from custom water bottles to various school supplies and unopened Happy Meal prizes.

Well, Mr. 9 year old chose a yellow water bottle with the school name painted on it. Came home and used it, and deposited it in the sink. Where I ended up putting it (innocently enough) into the dishwasher. bad! When it came out (sparkling clean) it was missing a TINY portion of the blue paint that made up the school name. You would have thought I'd cut off his baby toe...hissy fit! I promised him that tomorrow, when the Hobby Lobby opens, I will march right in and purchase a blue Sharpie so that I can fill in the blanks!

Luckily...that did it!