Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Blakelynn's Field Trip!!

I just dropped Blakelynn off at her Library Field Trip. It's all she's talked about for days--so I'm glad we made it. We were there 1/2 hour early--so she and I sat at the table and she would bring me books and I would read them to her. I'm amazed at how many picture books you can get through in a half hour.

When the teachers and other kids finally arrived--I was ready to leave, but I watched her--4 years old, and so much more confident than me at any age--but still just a little unsure of herself. Although she writes and knows her letters really well--she hasn't started reading. So she was flipping through a book and I could see on her face--she wasn't at all sure what she was supposed to be doing with it. So I called her over and I sat on the floor with her in my lap. I had her read me the story by looking at the pictures. Pretty soon a little girl from her class came over and said hello and sat down by us. When it was time to go in for story time--I asked Blake if she wanted to go with Lauren. It was so cute, her face lit up--and they held hands all the way in to the little story room. Now--she was covered--and I could leave her!

I love how confident she is-but she could be a little more. I would love it if she were the little girl in the class brave enough to go say hello to her friend sitting with her mom, and then sit down to listen to the story!! But to be the most honest---I'm just glad she has friends!!