Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Tonight--I actually felt a little creative for dinner. By creative I mean--I made more than one! Just call me "Short Order Cook"!! I've been craving Macaroni and Cheese made from scratch for a couple of weeks--so I made that. Problem--it was my husbands day off--and he HATES cheese--so he couldn't eat that. So I made a whole second dinner. I emptied out the macaroni and refilled the pan with hot water--Linguini went in that. Then I cleaned the cheese-sauce pan--and made an Alfredo sauce. Hubby BBQ'd a steak for he and I-and we had that with our pasta!

Both dishes turned out yummy--and I was hoping to have Mac and Cheese tomorrow for dinner because I doubled the recipe--but I don't have enough left overs to serve 4 kids! But I'm just happy that they enjoyed their dinner. I believe the correct term they used was "Best Ever"!! Now that is awesome!! Of course, after making 2 dinners tonight--I think they are having Egg Salad Sandwiches tomorrow for dinner! They love that dinner too!!