Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Hubby's Day Off!

Today was my husbands day off. We did nothing tonight--I want to take care of the clean laundry in the basement before I head to bed--but other than that--I have no plans but sleeping! Over the weekend we cleaned out the van--totally pulled every muscle in my body! On Sunday--I cleaned the oven and caused a catastrophe in my kitchen. I was up on a high stool and lost my balance. I caught myself on the cabinets--but again--completely pulled every muscle in my abdomen. Walking is painful. Bending is painful. Picking up my kids is painful! Any exertion at all really hurts. My kids don't understand the difference between muscle pain in my abdomen and stomach pain--they think I need to throw up! Ha--I wish!!

After I dropped the boys off at home after school-I took Blakelynn to buy new sandals. She found cute Princess ones. It was a surprise to me, because she really doesn't know the princess movies that well. Other choices were Dora sandals--I was shocked she didn't choose them--and then some really cute white sandals with three little colored flowers on them. She is so girly-I really expected her to choose those-but nope-it was all princess!!

Then we headed up the strip mall to the beauty shop. She wanted pink nail polish-see--girly!! We found a really pretty pink one, and she wanted the sparkly clear coat to go on top! I bought her two head bands--and put one on. With her hair pulled off of her face--her eye's are just amazing. We had 6 different people comment on just how beautiful her eyes are. My favorite thing about Blakelynn's blue eyes---it's a blue that I've never seen before!!