Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Bull/Sox Academy!!

Late last night I signed my boys up for the Bulls/Sox Academy. It's a month long basketball camp that stresses the fundamentals. Every Tuesday night for an hour and a half throughout the month of April. It averages out to $25 per camp--but the boys love it--and it's a way to get some good exercise out of them. Their best friend from two doors down will be going with us. School gets out at 3:00 and camp starts at 5:00 which means we don't have too much time after school before we have to leave. We live about an hour away.

The boys want to sign up for the Village Basketball program again next year. It will be Jake's third year, and Grayson's first. I'm hoping Jake will grow a smidge by then, and after all of these basketball camps--I'm hoping they will both be great players for their teams!