Tuesday, March 06, 2007

BYU vs U of U!!

Utah is kind of a funny place. If you are Mormon--you vote for BYU, if you aren't Mormon--or just want to be different--you vote for the U. When my mom married my dad we had season tickets to the University of Utah basketball games. They were so fun to watch--and so many great NBA players came out of the U. The year I got married, the University of Utah made it to the NCAA finals and lost to Kentucky, great teams came out of the U's basketball program. On the flip side--their football team wasn't that great. Step in Lavell Edwards, coach of the BYU football team--they were the National Champions in 1984--I remember wearing my t-shirt for it to 9th grade!! So we grew up voting for BYU in football, and the University of Utah in basketball. Last year, the number one draft picks for both the NBA and the NFL came out of the University of Utah.

March Madness is going to be starting next week--and it looks like BYU beat Utah in the Moutain West Conference finals!! Utah should still make it to the 'big dance'--but they usually win the conference finals and this year--they just didn't get it done!

Good job BYU--we will root for you too!!